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UPVC Door Repairs Paisley

A.L.S. carry out UPVC Door Repairs Paisley. If you have problems with your door, be it composite, PVC or aluminum the first thing that you will find out, when looking for someone to carry out your door repairs - is that most companies will try to convince you that - you need a new door.


They'll say this because 1, the mechanism is obsolete and you can't get the parts any more. 2. The door is jammed and you can't open it without damaging it or the frame or 3. The hard sell - they'll make more money fitting the door. 4. The door is to badly damaged.

UPVC Door Repairs Paisley are UPVC window and door specialists which means that we don't fit new windows or doors. UPVC Door Repairs Paisley carry out door repairs that last. If your door is jammed shut we can open it. We wont damage your door and we try to protect the integrity of your door meaning that we don't just cut the mechanism. Instead we try as door locksmiths to save as much as possible. This saves you money,

When changing faulty mechanisms we don't just replace the lock. There's no point in just doing this as the underlying problem that caused the damage resulting in the need to carry out the door repairs will still exist. The mechanism should work smoothly and will little or no effort in operation. If it still feels stiff take it from us the mechanism wont last and this is going to cost you more time and money in the long run.


On completion UPVC Door Repairs Paisley will show you how to maintain your door. Again as door locksmiths we know what we're talking about. Maintenance especially on UPVC doors is very important. It can mean the difference between fifteen or three years before carrying out any door repairs. You can contact UPVC Door Repairs Paisley via telephone (ask for Steve). T: 0141 280 1968 or fill out the contact form below.

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